Day 5: Weekend Frenzy

Today's NaNo word count goal is 8333. I'm up to 7104 so far, but I haven't written yet today, so expect that number to come up as I take Elsbeth, my main character, to jail and torture her. Seriously.

If you're an experienced WriMo, you'll be Writing More than the minimum 1667 words per day this weekend. The weekend, for most of us, is prime time to take advantage of "non-work" days and crank out your story in large quantities.

If you can manage it, adding excess words now will do a few things for you.
  1. You'll be that much further ahead in your plot outline (if you made one) than anticipated for Days 5 and 6.
  2. You'll have wiggle room for days where you just come up short in the motivation or words department. This may or may not be a day you're stuffed with turkey, for those in the US.
  3. You can sleep sounder at nigh during the week.
  4. Bragging rights, duh.
  5. You'll not only amaze yourself that you beat the word count goal, but also you can use the sense of accomplishment to fuel your writing over the next few days.
Now, on the off chance that you don't live in a cave by yourself with a pile of dried bear meat, a coffee maker, and an internet connection and actually have to have a real life, then don't (DON'T) beat yourself up if you don't get ahead of the game over the weekend. The daily recommended minimum is 1667 to hit your 50K in one month. Going beyond that is strickly for your own sense of pride and the unleashing of in-your-face-isms.

Truth or dare: How many times have you thought about hanging it up and writing something else in November?

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  1. Even after I lost a whole day searching for a lost file that was key to my story (it was in the file "NaNoWriMo 2010"-duh)I didn't give in to the giveitups. Off to write some more! Thanks for the convo, BTW!