Day 11: Sometimes Life Happens

Today is Day 11. We should be sitting pretty at 18,333 words, and happens...even in the middle of novel writing.

I'll summarize my day: Wake up, cold house, broken furnace, furnace repairmen, talk about cats, giant furnace bill, charge it, child comes home, "Let's go to my school tonight and watch a movie," no school -- pizza delivery and stay home, deal?, deal, pizza, yeah, phone call, your child won a contest but you forgot a form, no problem -- email or mail?, bring it to your house?, in car multiplication tables times 4, find a dark house in the dark, old man falls over backward in street, eeeeeeerrrttttt!, form to lady, yeah, congrats, thanks, Barnes and Noble, the books are gone and there are toys everywhere, WTF, mommy my throat hurts, sa-what?, home, heat = good, ugh, still need to write.

This, the above and aforementioned BS, is the shit that happens when you're trying to write a novel.

These are not roadblocks.

These are obstacles.

Go around them.

Sit down.



The world doesn't care if you're writing a novel or not. That's not the world's job. It's your job. Like the classic parenting advice: If you wait for the right time to write a novel, then you'll never do it.

How's your BS going and how are you keeping it from interrupting your writing?

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  1. In December you might want to correct that "you're' and make it "your." These are not obstacles to life, the obstacles are life and they happen no matter what deadline is looming, what important meeting you have, what line of work you're in, which checkout line you picked. Your teeth are going to fall out when it's really inconvenient. Deal.