Day 27: The Sprint to the Finish

Today's word goal is 45,000. Yes. When you hit this day's goal, you have only 5,000 words left to write this month.

While I know by now the pure exhaustion of NaNo is wearing you away (it sure is for me), consider the fact that you have written 45,000 words already. Forty-five thousand! Five is practically a piece of cake. You can do it. Take this last day of this last weekend of this month and rock the hell out of it.

Don't give up. Write.

This is the sprint to the finish and I challenge you to do it, no matter if you're ahead in your words or behind. This is the time for making the choice to see your story through to the end and beyond. Whether you have more plot than 50,000 words can handle or you're coming up short, hitting the 50K, validating your word count on the NaNo site, and seeing your little bar light up purple is a great feeling.

Take this day. Write. Fulfill the goal you set before November 1st.

What's keeping you going? (Coffee is an understood answer.)

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