There is Hope

There's a dark place in all of us where we fear if the things we want in life will ever come to pass. We painfully yearn for relief from depression(me), to find a home, to publish a book(me), to cure a sickness, to find love, or money to afford the essentials of life(me). This dark place of fear and trepidation, however, isn't sold separately. It always comes prepackaged with Hope. Through my own depressive states, when things feel totally awful, I know somewhere deep down that my problems will lull and resolve...eventually. I have Hope, even when I have to really dig deep to find that sucker, and you should know there's always Hope for you as well.

There is Hope for things to turn around, things to get better, and if we wait long enough they do improve.
There is Hope for that chance meeting at a bookstore that leads to your wedding day.
There is Hope for the right prescription to make the illness disappear or at least calm.
There is Hope you'll get the call you've been waiting for and be working again.
There is Hope for your own strength to say "yes" or "no" to situations to be the only thing your life is waiting for.

There is always Hope for what really matters to occur, even if the wrapping paper is darkness and panic.

Look at the book and movie characters we love. There are times when they don't think they can go on, but then Hope brings them forward those two, three, fifteen more steps to relief. I'm not saying you'll see your happy ending coming, or you'll even recognize it for what it is when you're sitting in it, but Hope is always there waiting on you.

Even in Burning Spirit, Elsbeth experiences fear that she'll never find other witches, but she holds the torch of Hope as high as she can, and continues searching. What other choice do we have? Do you really want to sit around feeling miserable, rather than recognize there is Hope floating in the air all around you?

Have Hope. There is Hope. Feel that it's there even if you're trapped in worry and uncertainty. A little Hope goes a long way. Be the hero of your own story, not the victim.

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