That funny feeling that death may want to meet you: the birth of 52 Story Pick Up

I turned 32 this past week. I didn't do anything special other than eat cake after every meal and take a little time off from my freelance work, but by the end of the day I found myself feeling, well, very mortal. I got this thing going in my mind that said, "hey, where in the hell is your life going?" And then the idea that I may die tomorrow flooded in and that my legacy I leave to the world would likely be a small one. Now that's okay, I don't expect grandiose things; I'm well beyond my college "conquer the world" mindset, but I want to leave something behind that reflects my work here on this rock. With this in mind, I created a plan...

Over the course of the next year (by the time I hit 33, God willing) I want to write a short story every week and submit at least one of those stories a month to a publisher. Big, huh? So each week as I post my progress it should include phrases like "things are going great" or "can't get to sleep I'm thinking about writing so much" and NOT "didn't get my story done" or "been too busy." Slap me if that starts.

So, feel free to follow along (I may give you the run down of how each story went) or pick up your pen/open your laptop and join me in writing a story a week. Nothing large, just a bare minimum of 2000 words with a beginning, middle, and end arranged in any order you like. This will be what I'd like to call 52 Story Pick Up-we'll see how this goes. Who's with me? Arhhh!

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